musings on my photography

The possibilities that photography offers are a wonderful thing. I enjoy getting out with my camera and taking pictures. I have though been dissapointed with over 90% of what I’ve been coming up with for some time now. I do however still find the process captivating.  Maybe this is because what I want to create continues to elude me.

I feel a bit ungrateful for not valuing more the comments left and favorites made on the photos I post to my stream on Flickr. I don’t get many compared to some. In fact seldom few compared to a lot. I do nothing to garner views or followers. I don’t engage in the mutual adoration so prevalent on the site. Reciprocal commenting and favoriting of pictures seems friendly but to be honest is pretty meaningless to me.

I enjoy Flickr as a past time being slightly more interactive than the TV. What I value most is the friends and contacts I have made in Medway as a result. It’s the odd comment from people I respect through getting to know them personally and the even more infrequent comments from a tiny number of people whose work I feel a connection that I truly value. Like any precious thing I don’t need much to know the worth of these.

I guess I have progressed technically. Whilst doing so I’ve been happy with making *pretty* pictures. Pictures that are just, well,  pictures. They don’t do much for me anymore. I find myself thinking the vast majority of pictures I take / make are empty. Without depth. Without much expression or soul. That is what I I crave for. Pictures that tell a story, that convey an emotion, that carry a message and shout out loud. Pictures that help people feel and think things.

Not sure how I am going to get there.  I feel heartened though by having an idea about where I would like to be. I don’t for a minute think I’ll get there any time soon.  I’ll carry on making and posting trite and banal photos I’m sure. In my mind though there is a vision, an idea of what I want to achieve. That to me is a huge step forward.