The School Sports Day

Oscar and Otis had their school sports day yesterday. Infants in the morning and juniors in the afternoon meant we were there nearly all day. The morning was  well organised. Otis did well. There were no individual events. It was all in teams across the age groups. The emphasis was on taking part and having fun. That’s pretty much how it went. I’ve no idea which team won. It was not announced.  I think it should have been. It’s all very well being inclusive and right on but what sort of lesson does it teach kids if the value of doing well and winning is, well, devalued?

Whatever. At least when they went back to class they were given a certificate with some kind of acknowledgement of their success. Here’s the one Otis got;

Otis Turner : Sports Day Cup

Otis Turner : Sports Day Cup

Once all the infants races had finished it was time for the parents to take part and have a go. Last year Monica joined in, long floaty skirt and all. She came a cropper with the skipping rope. This year it was my turn. I did OK. I came second. Beaten by a whisker by Mr Stanton. He’s the schools PE teacher and rugby coach so had more at stake than I did. A couple of Otis’s friends told me today that I won because Mr Stanton cheated! Apparently he obstructed me by throwing one of the obstacles in my path! Nothing like a bit of controversy on sports day.  Otis brought home a certificate for me. I’ve got a feeling everyone may have got one.

Dad's Sports Day Rosette

Dad's Sports Day Rosette

And so onto the afternoon. This was the first junior sports day we have attended. It was a lot busier than the infants. One race after another in quick succession. Once again all about taking part in teams though there was one individual sprint. Oscar being somewhat (a lot) taller and bigger  than all of his class mates had a bit of an advantage. He streaked home for the win. Yeahhhhh!!!! Go on Oscar!!

The rest of the events carried on until 3.30pm when it all came to an abrupt halt as the school bell went to mark the end of the day. The kids all trooped in without a trophy giving ceremony or anything obvious to celebrate the winners and the winning team. Pffft! He never even got a certificate 🙁

Here’s a couple of pictures of them doing their thing;

Oscar : St Michaels School Sports Day 2009

Oscar : St Michael's School Sports Day 2009

Otis : St Michaels School Sports Day 2009

Otis : St Michael's School Sports Day 2009