Cultural Vandalism by Medway Council

Aveling And Porter Building - Strood

Aveling and Porter, originally uploaded by monaxle.

The Aveling and Porter building in Strood. This was the factory where Aveling and Porter manufactured steam-powered machinery and plant from 1860 to 1919.

It’s been owned by Medway Council for some years and was used as council offices up until last year together with an adjacent building.

The council have resolved to demolish this historic building in order that they maximise the salable value of the land to developers. They claim that it would be too costly to retain it or insist that it remains when the site is sold. They also claim it is too difficult to adequately flood defend the building and give these as the reasons why it must go.

The potential income following any redevelopment and change of use of the building has not been presented against the projected costs of saving it never mind the intrinsic historic value and aesthetic qualities.

This is prime riverside land overlooking the historic Rochester Castle. The flood defense excuse is disingenuous and should be dismissed as such.

There is a fair amount of local opposition to their plans though the council couldn’t care less about that anymore than they care about celebrating local heritage. They have recently demolished the Theatre Royal in Chatham which again was in spite of much opposition.

I suppose as long as they keep lining all the right pockets they will continue to get away with the cultural vandalism of the Medway Towns. Arrogant bastards.

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Below is a video by Dave Wise that documents the distruction of the Theatre Royal and sums up very well the attitude of Medway Council.