Cold. Alone. At home.

above the rest

above the rest, originally uploaded by monaxle.

You wear a cloak of indifference. Feeling safe in the shadows of obscurity.
You crave my embrace. When it comes you shudder. You stay in the cold alone.
Uniforms of non-conformity. They make your skin crawl.
The kind words I bestow upon you. They’re all lies and ill informed.

You’re going forwards with no direction. From a past that you don’t own.
Towards a future that’s not your creation. That’s nothing new. You stay at home.
You can sneer at me and feel superior. You reject all that I do.
I will be part of the crowd. Laughing out loud. You’ll be in the cold alone.

Time goes by and faces change. Friends ebb and flow.
Your ruminating. Life on hold. Your thoughts go round and round.
Stuck in a rut or in the groove? Neither you nor I will know.
Today, tomorrow, next week, next month. Cold. Alone. At home.