The switch from Windows to Ubuntu. 18 months on…

Christmas 2015. An automatic update to my laptop led to a “Windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing” error in Windows 10. After hours of reading potential fixes which all proved to be futile I abandoned Windows and installed Ubuntu. The installation was simple enough and completed without errors. I have not regretted it. My top five reasons why…

  1. Stability is great. The only time my machine has crashed is when using Citrix Receiver to run a Windows desk top for work. That’s happened a few times. 
  2. Applications. A massive range. Open source and free for the most part. Libra Office does all that I ever used MS Office for. Steam works (for Linux compatible games). GIMP and DigiKam do all that I used PS and LR for. Clementine is up there with all the best music management applications I’ve come across. Wine allows Evernote and FileCentre to run. These are the only two MS based applications where I’ve not found a suitable replacement. I could go on.
  3. Security. The bottom line is that Linux based systems are not targeted by makers of malware, viruses etc in the way other OS are.
  4. Support. It’s never taken me longer than ten minutes and rarely that to find a working solution or answer to a problem or question posed. The ability to use Google intelligently and follow written instructions are all the skills you need to work through any issues you may encounter.   
  5. Simple to maintain and update. I recommend uCareSystem to do so with the utmost ease and efficiency. 

My experience has been good. If you’re thinking about it take the plunge. Go ahead. Ditch Windows and start using a Linux distribution.